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I was looking up for pictures from Nausicaa and I found this really nice website. (You might have seen it before.) I like the color, the font, the artworks, just the whole feel and look of it. I love it! Here's the link: http://www.wingsee.com/ghibli/
I haven't seen the whole site yet, but I will try to pick up some ideas for our quote page. By the way, I though we could use different fonts for each category of quotes and have some relevant pics beside them. I'll talk to you this weekend.
As for the digital camera, I'll have to ask my friend and my dad about it. Not my expertise.
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Date:July 28th, 2004 12:57 pm (UTC)


Yes, I love Wingsee's site! That's one of the oldest and best Ghibli sites. When and if I make a Ghibli site, I just hope I don't end up copying her style because it just looks so good. I have sooo many pictures of Nausicaä... I took a lot of screen captures from the video disc as well as the images I've collected off the net. I also downloaded a big zip file with dozens of the Miyazaki watercolors off of Kazaa. :)
Oh, you were asking me about taking screen captures of Games. Here's a link to some FAQ about that: http://www.any-capture.com/faqs.html#directxcapture
Talk to ya soon!
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