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Previous Entry back 2 school Aug. 23rd, 2004 @ 06:03 pm Next Entry
Hi!! How was the beach? Too many sands for you?! ;) You are surviving the Taiwan humidity alright, I guess? Tell me about the elementary school reunion, too.
That is really cool Kitaro is performing! I think it would be amazing to see him in concert, or any artist I like for that matter :)
It's great to be back at UNCA. I kinda felt rushed at first because we didn't have much to just chill out before classes started last Wednesday. Oh well. I'm taking some cool classes this year like Multimedia 121 and Computer Science 244. Both are about webpage design; the 121 focuses more on the artistic side and the comp sci focuses on coding. I feel so cool taking these classes with their spiffy computers (huge flat screen, G4 Macs). With much love to Ms. Bradley, it's definately a step above Web Graphics. heh. By the way, Ms. Sharp noticed that we designed the CHHS homepage and says we did a good job. She asks about you at church and stuff :)
Alex is taking a Tolkien class that's all about LOTR! I'll tell you about it after he's had some classes. I wish I could show him that book I gave you about Ring mythology.
Did I tell you I got my digital camera (finally)? :) I'll post some pics real soon!
I have a cute picture of us on my desk in my dorm room from graduation. It makes me miss my Asian Sensation.
Hope you're having fun in the Mystical Lands.
Ooh, I can see the sunset from our window...
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